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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nightly Notes

Not going to get much up tonight -- I was hopeful I'd get a break in the middle of the day to blog, but it didn't happen. Anyway, congrats to Garza for an awesome start, and to the Twins for winning a tough series in Cleveland. Over the past three days, the club gained 2 games on Detroit and 1 on Cleveland, and find themselves just 6.5 games behind the Indians and 7 behind the Tigers. I have said that I don't believe the Twins have the depth necessary to make another come-from-behind run at the division title, and I still believe that -- but the Twins are in much better shape today than they were when the weekend started, and I have some hope that they might prove me wrong.

I still believe that the Twins should be sellers at the deadline -- Luis Castillo should go to the Mets if they'll take him, Carlos Silva should be dealt (I've referred to him multiple times as arbitration eligible at the end of this year, but I was a year off on his service time), and if the Twins get a good offer for Torii (which I don't think will happen), they should probably take it -- unless, of course, they have a plan in place to sign him to a 4-year deal, which is the best option of all. No one on the market now is worth paying for in prospects. The one exception to this (and it's a fairly big one) is if the Twins were to find an everyday caliber third baseman or outfielder who would be with the team in 2008 -- at that point, TR should consider dealing a prospect or two, because the Twins should have a formidable pitching staff and, with an upgraded offense, should be able to compete for a playoff spot. But the thought that the Twins would try to swing a deal for the recently designated (for assignment) Morgan Ensberg, or for Jeff Conine, or anyone along those lines is not a pleasant one. Prospects over rent-a-players any day.

The Twins need to take care of business against the Royals in the next series, and it should be fun to watch -- but I expect the team to look different when the series is over than it does going in. We'll see what the deadline has in store.



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