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Sunday, July 22, 2007

No Nightly Notes; White Activated

Unfortunately, I was overly optimistic about getting a nightly notes column up. I will make every effort to write one up for every game this week, and by the end of next weekend all moving-related things should be over and done with, so things should return to normal.

For now, I just want to briefly comment on the Twins decision to activate Rondell White and send down Garrett Jones. I don't know whether White has it in him to have another stretch like he did when he came back last year, but he has to be a better option than Jones. Unfortunately (and this really isn't terribly surprising), Jones has simply looked overmatched at the Major League level (his triple yesterday being a notable exception). White should be a better option for the team as the DH (where he's likely to get the most playing time). Darnell McDonald is probably a better option in the outfield than Jones would have been (might have been -- alright, IS), so I understand the decision to send Jones down and keep McDonald.

That's it -- all I've got. Hopefully, White will come back strong and give the Twins another much-needed bat in the lineup as they try to battle back into position to make a playoff run.



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