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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sid's Insanity

I'm not going to say much on this Sid Hartman piece -- which suggest that the Twins need to bring Luis Castillo back next season because there is no one in the organization who can replace him -- other than to say that I think the man has lost it. Castillo is a good player and all, but he's a ticking time bomb -- those knees could go out at any moment -- and the Twins may as well turn over second base to Alexi Casilla next year and save the money. Since I've said this before, I'm not going to waste time here going into it in-depth. Honestly, though, the Twins 2008 season will not turn on Castillo's presence in the lineup. I will say that Sid is right about Torii, though.



  • At Thu Jul 12, 06:10:00 PM , Blogger Twins Territory said...

    Yeah, while it might be nice to have Castillo around, we have to really ask outselves if we'd rather spend the money on Torii, Morneau, Santana or on Castillo.

    Also, I don't understand him anymore either. Casilla hasn't played the best at AAA, but he has a bright future.

    Also, Alexander Smit was claimed off waivers by the Reds today.

    This could be a hint at something because it clears a spot on the 40-man roster.

  • At Fri Jul 13, 06:17:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    sid's an idiot


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