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Monday, July 09, 2007

Cali Down, White Coming Back?

UPDATE: The Strib is now reporting that Rondell White will not be able to answer the bell at the start of the second half, and all signs point to Garrett Jones being the most likely addition to the team. Can't disagree with this decision -- might as well give Jones another look right now, and there really are no other options. Here's the original post:

The Strib reported last night that Carmen Cali was optioned back to AAA after Sunday night's game, with no move made yet to fill the open roster spot. This move makes sense, because the Twins bullpen will be rested coming out of the break, and because Cali was, shall we say, ineffective in his return to the team.

Presumably, the Twins will be activating Rondell White in time for Thursday's game against the A's -- but I have to wonder if he's going to be ready to go. I hope that he is, because I think that he could help the team out quite a bit if he's healthy. After all, he can't possibly be worse than the LF platoon that's been run out there so far this year. That would also give Jason Kubel regular playing time as the DH, and hopefully he'd be able to settle in and perform in that role.

But what if Rondell isn't ready to come back? My guess is that the Twins would go with Garrett Jones -- and he'd probably get a few games to see if he could run with the DH spot himself. It wouldn't make sense to bring up a pitcher, and no one else in Rochester is really in position to be called up (unless it's a straight-up swap of Luis Rodriguez for Matt Tolbert, in which the Twins simply would have nothing to lose by trying out Tolbert at the position, despite his recent struggles). We should find out on Wednesday what the direction the Twins are going to go.

Oh yeah -- congrats to Justin Morneau for making it to a swing-off in the homerun derby tonight. It would have been fun to see him make the second round, but at least he did reasonably well, and certainly didn't embarrass himself!



  • At Tue Jul 10, 11:23:00 AM , Blogger Twins Territory said...

    Yeah, I'd think Jones would be then next choice. Gardy said he hopes that it's White, but they still don't know for sure.

  • At Tue Jul 10, 03:14:00 PM , Blogger Josh's Thoughts said...

    Well since Rondell White was scratched from the GCL Twins lineup today, he likely won't be the one recalled.

    I'm suspecting Garrett Jones will get the call now.

  • At Thu Jul 12, 12:33:00 AM , Blogger Marty said...

    The Twins should have plenty of time right now to give Garret Jones a fair shot at the Major Leagues and I think bringing him up is the right move.

    The Twins need to also switch L-Rod for Tolbert. Let Tolbert and Jones audition for a roster spot for at least the next three weeks. You can have Tolbert split time at 3B with Cirillo while Jones and Tolbert can split time at the DH spot.

    Best player wins.

    Demoting Nick Punto to a back up role makes L-Rod superflous.


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