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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #103

Sometimes, the game of baseball delivers strange but wonderful games. Today was one of those days, as the Twins beat the Indians 3-2. Here are tonight's notes:

1.) Normally, a solid start from Cy Santana would warrant first mention. But how could I not lead off this post with a quick mention of Jason Renyt Tyner's first career Major League homerun in 1,220 at bats? At the beginning of the season, there was some talk that Tyner just might finally be prepared to hit his first homerun this season, after he worked with Joe Vavra on turning on pitches. Now, I unfortunately didn't see this homerun (I caught about 2 innings of the game after it was already 2-0), but I think I heard that it went to right field (cry pardon if this is wrong), so maybe this was the result of Vavra's help this spring. Congrats to Tyner for ending the drought, and in what ended up being a very meaningful way!

2.) Johan regained his form today after a down performance the last time out. Ten strikeouts through 5 innings and 12 through 7, just 2 earned on 4 hits and a walk -- pretty nice performance. I'm glad that the Twins are giving Johan a bit more free reign with his pitch count over the last few starts, but I hope they don't let him go 114-120 every time out.

3.) Brian Buscher went 0-for-4 today, but picked up his first major league RBI -- the game winner, nonetheless. He's now 2-for-8 in his first two ballgames, and I would guess that he'll continue to get playing time until and unless he gets down to .200 or below. The Twins aren't out anything by giving Buscher a legitimate shot (and a legitimate shot is not 3 or 4 games).

4.) Ty Wigginton won't be going to the Twins this year after being traded to the Astros, and neither will Dmitri Young after signing an extension with the Nationals. Frankly, this is good news -- the Twins should no longer be in "buyer" mode, so the fact that two of the guys mentioned as possible pickups by the team are now off the market just takes away the temptation of going after them.

5.) Luis Castillo is a perfect fit for the Mets, and the Twins should make just about whatever deal the Mets are willing to make. Hopefully Terry Ryan doesn't decide to pretend that he's Jim Bowden and start demanding every prospect in the Mets system in exchange for Castillo. This deal makes far, far too much sense not to happen.



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