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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #12

Ouch -- after a nice comeback, to see Joe Nathan cough up the tie in the top of the 9th was a little bit rough. At least the Tigers lost today, as well -- but the Indians picked up the win. Here are today's notes:

1.) I'm not sure what to think about Boof's start. He probably should have been taken out after five, but you really need a starter to go six innings to avoid too much wear and tear on the bullpen. It's also easy to look back and say that a guy shouldn't have gone out for another inning. The thing is, he seemed to be laboring a bit and had already thrown quite a few pitches. With an off-day coming up tomorrow to rest the 'pen, I probably would have taken him out after 6 if I had been managing the game.

2.) It's not often Joe Nathan is going to blow a game like today. Maybe the Twins should have left Matt Guerrier in -- he was absolutely fantastic today, as he has been all year. Of course, you expect Joe Nathan to be fantastic every time out, so there really is no reason to fault Gardy for making the move to his closer in the ninth to try to preserve the save.

3.) The game should not have ended the way that it did. I think Torii was right about the last pitch he faced being low and outside, but it was too close to just lay off with the game on the line. Even worse, however, was Jason Kubel's strikeout -- that ball looked to me to be a perfect strike, and he should have swung. To have two guys strike out looking for the last two outs is inexcusable, and hopefully Joe Vavra was talking to both of them.

4.) Luis Rodriguez didn't take advantage of his second straight start. If he had another good day at the plate today, it would have been very interesting to watch how Gardy used him next week. I think Nick Punto would have been back at third on Tuesday either way, but this probably means he won't get a "rest" shortly thereafter.

5.) I'm not a big believer in basing decisions on early results, but Mike Redmond has not looked very comfortable at the plate. Even if he doesn't have a good season at the plate, he's still a great backup (as evidenced by the two runners he pegged at second today), but I wonder whether he'll get as many chances to DH as we move forward this year.



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