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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Delayed Transaction Note

I must not have been paying that much attention last night when I read this post on the Twins website, because it mentions quite clearly that Chris Heintz was optioned to Rochester, with Glen Perkins being called up to replace him. Instead, I was quite shocked to see the big lefty tossing in the bullpen in the 7th inning of tonight's ballgame against the Devil Rays.

First, this is unfortunate for Heintz, because he certainly hadn't done anything to warrant being sent down. However, the Twins really didn't have an option, with Jesse Crain hurting and Juan Rincon away from the team. You can't have a 4 man bullpen, especially with Sidney Ponson in the rotation, so the Twins had to do something. Perkins adds both a second lefty (which Mike Venafro would have also done), but also a guy who can be extended a little bit if necessary. In other words, this move made complete and total sense.

I kind of wonder if this is going to break Gardy of his 3rd Catcher fixation. It's just hard to justify carrying a player on the roster who is never going to get any playing time barring a fluke or a mop-up situation, especially when that roster spot can be put to more productive use. I have a feeling that Heintz isn't going to be called up again anytime soon. And Twins fans -- now that Perkins is with the team, you have to wonder if a second poor start from Sir Sidney could result in a quick hook from the rotation. I'm not saying it would (remember, my prediction was 6 weeks), but you certainly have to wonder.

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