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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nightly Notes - Game #7

Yowza -- what do you say about a good ole' fashioned 10-1 whuppin' at the hands of the hated Yankees? I'm sure I'll think of something . . . Here are tonight's notes.

1.) Boof Bonser's magic carpet ride ended tonight with a pretty poor outing against the Yankees. Heck, he didn't even last as long as Sidney Ponson did the night before (and before you tell me that he allowed fewer runs, consider that a more mobile left-fielder would have saved him a couple of the one's he gave up). Nevertheless, this is not reason for Twins fans to panic -- Boof just didn't have it tonight. It happens. I think Boof is going to settle down and pitch fine over the course of the season -- not Cy Young caliber, but I think he can get 13-14 wins with an ERA in the low 4.00's. It's just not that damning for a pitcher to give up a bunch of runs to the Yankees.

2.) Has Dennys Reyes turned into a pumpkin? Luminaries such as Aaron Gleeman have (from what I hear) predicted that Reyes' ERA would quadruple this season, and it looks like that might in fact be the case. Still and all, I think Reyes will settle into a groove. He's not going to duplicate his 2006 numbers (that would be pretty hard to do), but he should be able to post an ERA around 3.00 and be a reasonably reliable member of the bullpen.

3.) Even though he didn't contribute much today, I was happy to see Josh Rabe back in a Twins uniform. And, as much as I think Alexi Casilla belongs in AAA, I have to admit that I was excited when he was sent in as a pinch runner for Jason Kubel in the 7th. Unfortunately, Luis Castillo wasn't able to deliver a gapper so that we could watch Casilla run.

4.) I'm a little disturbed by the trend of getting runners on 1st and 2nd with nobody out and not getting any runs home. If Kubel hadn't come through with a 2-out, pinch hit RBI single in the 7th tonight, it would have marked at least 3 times in the last two games that this happened. These guys are Major League hitters -- priority #1 in that situation if you're at the plate should be getting the runners to 2nd and 3rd (or delivering a hit outright, which would be even better), and that's not happening right now. It's not like it's just one guy, either.

5.) Chris Heintz and Luis Rodriguez really are still on the team . . . I was starting to wonder. Nice to see them make an appearance outside of the dugout.

6.) Ramon Ortiz needs to step up tomorrow and deliver a solid start for the Twins. A sweep at the hand of the Yankees, at home, is simply not acceptable.



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