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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Missed It Again

For the second straight time, I've forgotten to mention Marty's podcast before I was on it (which is particularly bad since it's a live podcast that listeners can call in to). So, Marty, if you want some free advertising, the next time you have me on the podcast, you should "remind" me (as forcefully as necessary) to post something about it beforehand . . .

Anyway, on to the substance. The first half hour of the show was just Marty and me dishing on the first few spring games, roster battles, and his intense dislike of "uber-prospect watching" (to which I believe I gave a spirited defense). The second half hour brought Bill Gilles from Right Handed Heat onto the show, and the three of us talked about Patrick Reusse's "I hate blogs" article, the Twins stadium issue, the Veterans Committee Hall of Fame ballot, and probably some other things that I'm missing. Check out the podcast at the link above, or head to Marty's politics-riddled main website here.



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