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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spring Training Report: Day 3

There isn't a lot of news tonight, but there are some interesting pieces of information attached to some continuing/developing stories that it seems appropriate to update on.

1.) Ramon Ortiz is still not in camp, but the visa problem appears to have been solved, and Ortiz is now expected in camp by the end of the day tomorrow, and should be participating in workouts in Friday.

2.) Sidney Ponson continues to get his requisite story-a-day - something that will happen until he makes the team at the end of the spring, or gets cut. The interesting news coming out of today's articles is that Ron Gardenhire considers Ponson to be one of the team's starters - a statement that would seem to indicate that Ponson is the early front-runner to win the team's fifth starter spot.

3.) There was another story on J.D. Durbin's health today, as he threw for the first time in months off of a mound. That in itself isn't really news - but the suggestion that Durbin could claim Willie Eyre's old long-relief spot on the roster is something that so far had only been speculated on. Now, it's at least in an article on the Twins website, indicating that it's not a completely outlandish idea. I'll say it again: I hope Durbin makes the roster.

4.) I said the other day that Carlos Silva, as the 3rd starter, would probably start (or at least pitch a couple of innings in) the February 28 opener against Boston. That was a mistake, because I said Johan Santana "lines up" for a start on March 2. That would make the February 28 start the regular spot for the #4 starter - which in my mind is Ramon Ortiz. Of course, with pitchers only throwing a couple of innings in their early starts, things can be pretty flexible at this stage. With Ortiz still out of camp, his first Twins pitching appearance might come a few days late - so Silva might still end up getting the start on the 28th.



  • At Thu Feb 22, 08:14:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The funny thing is people keep asking about Ponson's weight. My response? Who cares about his weight? That hasn't really ever been the issue with him. Also, Boof Bonser is bigger and no one asks about that. Ponson's issues that have hurt him the last few years involve alchohol and the law, not his weight.



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