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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crunch Time & Some Other Stuff

Michael Cuddyer's arbitration hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, and we've heard nary a peep out of Twinsville since Joe Mauer's 4-year deal was announced on Sunday. Now, it's entirely possible that sometime in the next few hours a deal will get done, and the Twins will make me look silly. However, I'll reiterate what I've been saying all off-season: I don't think Cuddyer is going to agree to a midpoint deal, a multi-year deal, or any other kind of deal. This one is going to go to a hearing, and we should know by the weekend whether Cuddyer will be making $3 million or $4.25 million. For the record, I think Cuddyer is going to win if this thing goes to a hearing - and obviously so do his agents, or they would settle for a midpoint deal.

Elsewhere, the voluntary reporting date for pitchers & catchers (as well as injured players) is tomorrow, so while the Twins don't officially open camp until Sunday (first wortkout is Monday), you could see some players start to roll into camp early. In the off-season, this type of thing counts for news . . .

Finally, in a quick update on the blog, I still plan on having the Organizational Ranking on Outfielders up sometime tomorrow. In the upcoming week or so, I also hope to take a quick look at the schedule and maybe get in another post (undecided as yet). And of course, as always, I'll post on any breaking Twins news (such as the result of a Cuddyer arbitration hearing, or [we can wish] the announcement of a long-term deal for Johan Santana).

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  • At Wed Feb 14, 03:59:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'll put my (not actual) money on a 1 year, $3.625 million deal signed before the hearing.

    I would think that the owners being 4-0 over the players in arbitration so far would make Cuddyer's camp a little nervous. That said, I think that he would win too. I'd like to see a nice 4 year, $26.5 million deal ($3.5 million in '07, $6 million in '08, $8 million in '09 and $9 million in '10).


  • At Wed Feb 14, 04:06:00 PM , Blogger JST said...


    I hadn't actually considered the owner's record so far this season, but of course, you're right - many agents seem to have over-reached this year.

    For some reason, I still get the vibe that Cuddyer's agents think he deserves the $4.25 mil, so unless the Twins go up to, let's say, $3.85 mil or so, I don't think they'll settle. Be an interesting 24-hours or so.

  • At Thu Feb 15, 04:55:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Twins have avoided arbitration with outfielder Michael Cuddyer, signing him to a a $3.575 million, one-year contract.



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