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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nightly Notes

1.) There must have been some magic in that old Homer Hanky . . . I pulled it out from its hiding place in the bottom of the 8th inning to give it a little tune-up. Glad to see the magic is in the hanky, ready and rearin' to go.

2.) How is it possible that we've caught the Tigers? Oh, yeah . . . because the Tigers haven't been that good in the last half of the season. On July 1, the Tigers were 55-26. They're now 95-64, meaning that they've gone 40-38 over the last half of the season. Over the past month, they've gone 13-15. These are disturbing trends for the Tigers, because they just keep going down hill. I still think the Tigers have a dangerous team, and the Yankees or A's are going to have to be careful in the first round . . . but I think the Tigers are the least likely AL playoff team to make the World Series.

3.) Congratulations to Alexi Casilla for his first major league hit. He looks like a solid, slick-fielding middle infielder, and I expect to see a lot more of him in the coming years.

4.) How serious is the Luis Castillo injury? Hard to know, but it's never encouraging when a player talks about how things are OK on the road and get bad when coming home. I'm not going to address this in depth now, but could Castillo be on the trading block in the off-season due to his difficulties staying healthy in the Metrodome?

5.) Great, great performance by Brad Radke. This was absolutely the best-case scenario, and as Dick and Bert pointed out numerous times during the telecast, the only question left is whether or not his arm falls off tomorrow. If he feels nothing worse than ordinary soreness (ordinary for a guy with a busted wing, that is), he will absolutely get a start, probably in Game 3. Radke has had up and down moments over the last 12 years, but he's a solid major leaguer and a good guy who chose to come back to Minnesota rather than take more money elsewhere.

6.) Enjoy the series against the White Sox . . . maybe A.J. Pierzynski will self-destruct knowing that none of his antics can possibly mean anything in this series.


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