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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nightly Notes

Nothing like blogging while watching SNL. Here are some thoughts on tonight's Game 6 (and some other things):

1.) It sure feels like the Red Sox are headed to the World Series, doesn't it? I'm not going to go so far as to blame tonight's Rays loss on the epic Game 5 collapse -- sometimes a loss is just a loss -- but I think the collective results of Games 5 & 6 will inevitably weigh on the Rays. While the Rays may win tomorrow, if I had to bet on the result of the game I'd go with the Sox. I have a feeling that Matt Garza is going to get overhyped and have some control issues tomorrow. If Jon Lester doesn't have similar problems, the Sox will probably roll. I'm still hoping for a Rays victory, but I'm not very optimistic.

2.) I don't know enough (or, really, anything) about the technical side of TV broadcasting, but you have to think that it would be possible to have a system in place that would prevent what happened to TBS tonight, don't you? I'm not going to talk about how annoyed I was to miss the start of the game (in the end, did missing an inning really hurt anything?) -- but MLB has to be annoyed. And to go with an episode of "The Steve Harvey Show?" Really, TBS? I mean, really? I actually called Comcast to see if the problem was on their end, and they politely told me they had no idea what was going on, but it was TBS's fault. I'm guessing the poor folks were flooded with calls.

3.) I also watched the Caesar's Palace boxing card tonight (yes, I was watching them at the same time). I was pretty disappointed with the fights. Overall, there was a lot of grabbing and not a lot of action in the last three fights of the night. I also didn't see the Bernard Hopkins win coming, but it was very decisive. So was this an expose of Kelly Pavlik as an overrated fighter (as the folks in Hopkins' corner felt), or was it more the result of Pavlik fighting at a higher weight than he's been used to? Either way, it could spell trouble for Pavlik. From what I've read, it's historically been difficult for fighters to move back down in weight after going up -- although Pavlik has done it before. It'll be interesting to see what happens with each of these guys next, although Pavlik probably has a mandatory defense or two to take care of before he gets to think about another vanity fight like tonight's Hopkins mess.

4.) The Wild are 4-0! Nice to see. By the way, I know that the media has long since picked "The Wild is" as the proper grammatical form. I don't care. When I reference a team, I'm referring more to the group of people who make up the organization -- the players, coaches, front office, and everyone else involved with the team. So, whether grammatically correct or not, I will continue to say "The Wild are . . .".

5.) Hilarious opening skit on SNL, in my opinion. Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, she was a good sport in going on a show that is clearly hostile territory for her. I doubt it's going to change anyone's opinion of her, but it was funny (unlike the rest of the show, which was pretty horrid). And when are they just going to start calling SNL "The Kristin Wiig Show"? It sure seems like she features in a vast majority of the skits.



  • At Sun Oct 19, 08:08:00 AM , Anonymous IronMike said...

    I really enjoyed the Hopkins fight and thought he had a tremendous performance. Nice of him to come out of his defensive shell. Got to believe the weight factor was just to much for Pavlik. Hopefully he can go back down and dominate.


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