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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Question Answered

I don't have much on the game today -- or the games yesterday -- other than to say "congrats" to Scott Baker for an incredibly well pitched ball game last night. For a recap, head to the Strib or ESPN. I'll just say that it looks like I very well may have been wrong about Baker's abilities as a major leaguer -- I've been rather critical of him -- and I couldn't be happier about being wrong.

I'm posting this for a different reason, however, and that is to definitively answer the Chris Basak question. I sent an e-mail to the Twins website staff yesterday stating that I believed Basak was still on the 40-man roster, and while I haven't received a response from them, I do note that he is now listed on the roster the team has posted. I don't know if he was added because of my e-mail or if someone else caught the error independently, but either way I'm glad that the correct roster is now up.

One more note -- Luis Rodriguez was obviously called up today (he was in the lineup after all), and Lew Ford is very likely to get the call quite soon (if he hasn't already), but it certainly sounds like the majority of moves will wait until after the Red Wings season is over. I'm alright with that -- why raid AAA for a bunch of guys who are going to be on the bench most of the time? It will be interesting to see who -- and when -- the last callups of the season are made.

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