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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nightly Notes & Upcoming Posts

Hey all -- with just three days left before the season was over, I wanted to give you some idea of what's upcoming on this site. Here are a couple of notes on tonight's game and the Twins generally, along with a roadmap for things to come:

1.) I had all but given up on Garrett Jones up until about a week ago. So far in the big leagues he hadn't hit -- for power or otherwise -- and I pretty much figured he was a lost cause who the Twins would probably let go in the offseason. However, I mentioned earlier this month that if he could demonstrate something offensively, the Twins would probably keep him on the roster and give him a shot in spring training. It looks to me like he's done just that, as Jones hit his second homer in a week today against the BoSox. I still don't think that Jones is likely to play a significant role for the Twins, but I do think that the Twins will probably keep him around and give him one last chance to prove himself. Since he'll be out of options, however, I would guess that he'll end up as a waiver claim at the end of spring.

2.) Unfortunately, Matt LeCroy is showing why he doesn't belong in the big leagues anymore -- his 0-for-4 night included 3 K's, and he's now hitting just .143 in 14 AB's this season.

3.) Boof Bonser was his usual self in his last start of the year, going 5 innings and giving up just 3 runs -- but needing 97 pitches to get out of the inning. Let's just say he needs to work on his pitch efficiency next spring, or he'll end up the odd man out in the rotation battle.

4.) Here's the list of things I plan on posting in the next week or so:

* A list of free agents, arbitration-eligibles, out-of-option players, players eligible for the Rule 5 Draft who will have to be added to the roster or exposed to the draft, and other deadline-ish decisions that the Twins have to make in the next couple of months

* A post discussing what I would do this off-season if my name were Bill Smith

* Early looks at who could end up where throughout the Twins system next year

* My Award Winner picks and predictions

* A look back at my pre-season predictions

That should all be coming next week, most of it fairly early on. If I get around to it, I'll also be writing a "what went right/what went wrong" post. And, as always, I'll be blogging regularly about the post-season, off-season transactions, and the assorted variety of other things (such as college football) that catch my attention.



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