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Saturday, September 15, 2007

My College Football Top 25

From here on out, every Sunday I'm going to offer up my top 25 college football rankings. This is something I do anyway, and figured I might as well publish it so that people can argue about it if they so desire. If you aren't a football fan, you should probably stay away.

1.) LSU (3-0) - Overall a better team than USC, and from a better conference

2.) USC (2-0) - Played better this week against Nebraska than they did against Idaho

3.) Oklahoma (3-0) - No reason to doubt them -- yet

4.) Florida (3-0) - October 6 at LSU will be all important in the championship defense

5.) West Virginia (3-0) - Road win vs. Maryland was nice, but is the Big East good enough?

6.) California (3-0) - Could run the table until November 10 meeting with USC

7.) Ohio State (3-0) - Looked very good in Washington this week -- class of the Big Ten?

8.) Texas (3-0) - Have yet to really win big -- and a close game against UCF looks bad

9.) Penn State (3-0) - Three wins against three bad teams -- how good are they?

10.) Wisconsin (3-0) - Tied at 21 at the half against Citadel is rough -- but at least they won

11.) Boston College (3-0) - Starting to look like an ACC title threat

12.) Rutgers (3-0) - Weak schedule so far -- like Penn State, they could be good or bad

13.) South Carolina (3-0) - Spurrier has them playing well, but LSU is next on the sched

14.) Oregon (3-0) - Very impressive through three games

15.) Clemson (3-0) - Could be a spoiler in the ACC

16.) Virginia Tech (2-1) - Still the favorites to win the ACC, but they have competition

17.) Alabama (3-0) - Big late win against Arkansas makes Alabama very interesting

18.) Nebraska (2-1) - Losing to USC -- even at home -- doesn't drop you very far

19.) Hawaii (3-0) - Colt Brennan didn't reach 300 yards passing? Whaaaaaa?

20.) Georgia (2-1) - Matchup vs. Alabama next week will prove which team is legit

21.) Louisville (2-1) - Great offense, but no defense to speak of

22.) Texas A&M (3-0) - Big numbers three weeks in a row, with the Hurricanes up next

23.) Georgia Tech (2-1) - Tough loss to BC, but still in the ACC picture

24.) South Florida (2-0) - Only real win was against Auburn, who's fading

25.) Arkansas (2-1) - Heartbreaking loss to 'Bama has to be tough to swallow



  • At Mon Sep 17, 09:56:00 PM , Blogger Josh's Thoughts said...

    Great list. I especially like where you put Boston College. I like Matt Ryan and B.C. a lot this year and I think that they'll really surprise a lot of people.

    I also like LSU so I can't say I am upset with USC being at #2.


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