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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A few quick notes

It's been awhile since I've just commented on a game -- so here are some thoughts from things that happened tonight:

1.) Jason Kubel continues to hit -- 1-for-3 tonight, and .378 in his last 11 games. I was recently asked by Marty who was going to be the Twins DH next year, and I think that once again the Twins are going to pin their hopes on Kubel. The way he's hit of late, I'm actually optimistic about that possibility, and I'm predicting now that if given a chance to play every day, Kubel will be a .285/25/95 hitter -- which the Twins would be thrilled to get out of the DH position.

2.) Alexi Casilla went 2-for-4 but made another error -- not sure what to think about that. Regardless of how he plays at the end of this season, however, I think the Twins are going to start the 2008 season with Casilla as the starting second baseman -- and if they have to, they'll make a move in May to replace him. Hopefully he'll step up and hold the job.

3.) Scott Baker's start left a little something to be desired, even if he ended up with the win. He only allowed 3 runs in 5.2 innings, which is acceptable -- but 10 hits and a walk in that span is not very good.

4.) The bullpen hasn't allowed a run in the last two nights, and the Twins have won both games. When they were blowing games against the White Sox, the bullpen was the primary culprit. The last couple of weeks of the season will be much more satisfying for we fans if the bullpen can nail things down as they did over the last two nights. Meltdowns are just simply not pretty.

5.) So far, so good -- Matt LeCroy may be keeping the clubhouse loose, but he hasn't yet entered a game. That's a role I'm perfectly happy to see him play. In fact, I wouldn't even begrudge him a few at-bats. I like Matt LeCroy -- I just don't want to see him struggle mightily, as I suspect he would at this point in his career.



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