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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nightly Notes

There hasn't been a lot to talk about the last few days (or at least, nothing that I've felt all that enthusiastic about commenting on) -- but I'm going to throw up a few notes tonight so everyone knows I'm still alive and that I still care about what's going on . . .

1.) Scott Baker has joined the Pat Neshek and Mike Redmond on the list of players who have been shut down for the season. Glad to hear that his son is alright after a bout with pneumonia. I strongly suspect that Baker already has a spot in the rotation next season locked down due to his option situation (he's out, and the Twins almost certainly aren't going to just let him go), but watching how he performs next spring will be very interesting.

2.) Just when I'd all but written off Garrett Jones, he's had a solid couple of ballgames, and his swing has looked pretty decent. I had him pegged as someone who the Twins would get rid of this off-season, but now I think there's a good chance that he'll get a look next spring. Like Baker, Jones will be out of options next season -- but unlike Baker, I think he'll have to be awfully impressive to make the team.

3.) Julio DePaula's ERA now sits at an even 9.00. Yikes.

4.) The Tigers would have to win each of their final ballgames and the Yankees would have to lose each of theirs in order for the Yankees not to make the playoffs. Is it wrong of me to be hoping for this, considering that would mean a Twins loss tomorrow?

5.) The Rockies are winning in the 6th inning against the hapless Dodgers as I write this, on a night when the Phillies and Mets both lost and the Padres are losing. Is a trip to the post-season really a possibility for Colorado? Is it really possible that they will have won 9 straight ballgames if they win tonight? Maybe I'll have a team to root for in the post-season after all . . .



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