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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Site Update & Podcast Appearance

I'm done compiling the stats for the High A Report, but haven't yet had a chance to put up the post. It will be coming at some point soon -- but probably not until late tomorrow night. I will also be posting a nightly notes column tomorrow, but that too probably won't be until after midnight Saturday morning. The Low A Report will be up over the weekend, and the Down on the Farm reports will be back to regular next week.

Also, earlier tonight I recorded a podcast with Jeff Straub at the Minnesota Twins Fan Network, which should be up later tonight or sometime tomorrow. Thanks to Jeff for having me on. We talk extensively about the injury situation, and I talked a bit about how things are going in the minor leagues right now. Amongst all of this was a lot of general Twins talk, and for the first time I admitted that maybe, just maybe, I'm falling off of the Nick Punto bandwagon . . .

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