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Monday, May 21, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #44

This one was uggggggg-ly. An 8 spot? Yipes. Here's the thing -- I had a little car incident today coming home from work, and didn't get back until about halfway through the game. Nevertheless, there is plenty to talk about with the injury-whammy striking the team hard. By the way, if you're looking for it, I'm also working tonight on the Down on the Farm AAA Report, which I should have up about an hour and half or so after this one, and certainly before I hit the sack tonight. Here are tonight's notes:

1.) I think Carlos wanted to give Ramon a little company in the dog house, so he decided to throw up all over himself tonight in allowing 7 runs on 9 hits and a walk through 4.1 innings. That bumps up his season ERA to 4.47, which isn't great but which I would take out of him. The thing is, he's been pitching much better than this. Bad pitching can be contagious, as pitchers try to pick up the other guys on the team. If you're Johan Santana, this often works -- if you're Carlos Silva, it doesn't. Again, I didn't get home until after he was done, so I can't say much about his mechanics or anything like that. What I can say is that the Twins have enough problems without a Silva flare-up, so hopefully he'll get back to the form that he's exhibited for a lot of the year to this point.

2.) Julio DePaula had a very nice major league debut. He decidedly did NOT have a very good second major league outing, going 1 inning and giving up 7 runs on 6 hits with 3 walks and 2 HR's allowed. This is the kind of performance that could earn a guy a trip back to AAA -- but with the Twins so unbelievably banged up in the bullpen right now, DePaula will probably get at least another couple of outings to try to show that he really can pitch at the big league level. Welcome to the bigs, Julio.

3.) I had the Rangers feed tonight, so I don't know if the Twins announced anything about Glen Perkins arm problem late in the game. What I do know is that the Rangers announcers seemed to think that it looked more like a muscle problem in the tricep area than an elbow problem. That, of course, would be good news. Nevertheless, I always wince when I see a pitcher clutch his arm and leave a game, and this was no exception. He was a having a very solid outing, too, which makes it even more disappointing. I hope that he'll just miss a few games -- I fear, however, that he could very easily be heading to the DL.

4.) Jason Bartlett got another day off with what Joe Christensen reported is a sore neck and shoulder -- which could possibly need an MRI. If Bartlett doesn't heal quickly, expect the Twins to call up Alexi Casilla and give him a chance to play every day at short. I actually would like to see him play at 2B, where I think he'll be when next season starts, but there's really no way to do that with a healthy Luis Castillo on the team, so short it will have to be.

5.) Dennys Reyes is also suffering with shoulder problems of his own, for which he took an MRI. Again according to Christensen (link above), Reyes doesn't expect good news, saying that the injury feels "deep." If Perkins injury is also serious, this would mean that the Twins would have lost both lefties in the 'pen in a matter of two days. This comes just after they sent Mike Venafro to Toronto. D'oh! What do the Twins do if they need to replace Reyes and Perkins? The first option would probably be lefty Ricky Barrett, who recently came off of the disabled list and has pitched very well in six games for the Red Wings this season (0.00 ERA in 9.1 innings with a 0.75 WHIP and an 8-1 K-BB ratio). Barrett is already on the 40-man roster, so his callup would make some sense. With no other AAA lefties on the 40-man roster, the Twins could decide to go with a AA player like Jose Mijares, who's been respectable in New Britain, or they could call up a player not currently on the 40-man roster from Rochester (such as Jason Miller). Or, they could go back to 11 pitchers and call up someone like Garrett Jones to provide an extra bat. The way the starters are pitching, I'm not so sure that's a good idea right now . . . UPDATE: Joe Christensen is reporting that Perkins is headed to the DL. No word yet on who will get the call -- but my money is on Ricky Barrett. We should know by tonight or tomorrow morning, but I'm going to bed. Can't be too tired on just my second day of work!



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