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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #46

Hey all -- here's an abbreviated version of the Nightly Notes. Since I was at work, I didn't get a chance to follow the game much at all, but here are the things that I'm noting from the box score and the various notes columns that I peruse. Also, remember that there will be no Down on the Farm post tonight -- but I will resume the Down on the Farm posts tomorrow, one day behind schedule. Here are tonight's notes:

1.) Boof obviously had efficiency problems again, and that's worrisome. With the bullpen in such a dilapidated state, the Twins need as much help as they can get from their starters. On the plus side, at least he was able to make it through his five innings of work in such a way that the Twins were able to keep the lead. A win is a win is a win, so congrats to Boof for avoiding the dangerous "Big Inning."

2.) The Twins just took 2 series in a row, on the road. They're still below .500, and are unbelievably banged up, but this is encouraging. Even better? They're doing it without Joe Mauer and with a pretty banged up bullpen. As Mauer, et al. return, the team should just continue to improve. Also, one way or another the Twins will get better starting pitching out of Ramon Ortiz's spot in the rotation than they have been getting -- either he'll improve enough to stay in the rotation, or the Twins will turn the spot over to Garza or Slowey, who can't be worse than Ortiz has been over his last few starts.

3.) Call it a hunch, but I think Jason Bartlett and Dennys Reyes are both headed to the DL. I have no evidence for this, but it seems likely to me. Reyes is a gimme -- the Twins have been talking for two days now about him likely headed to the DL after the team returns to Minnesota -- but there hasn't been a lot of discussion about Bartlett joining him. If Bartlett goes down, expect Alexi Casilla to return to the team.

4.) Matt Guerrier = bullpen savior.

5.) Someone asked in the comments to a previous post where the love was for Luis Castillo's new errorless record. I just didn't feel that I had much to say about the topic, and so hadn't commented on it -- but it is a remarkable feat and he deserves kudos for his consistently strong defensive play. If he stays healthy all season, a Golden Glove is certainly a possibility -- and people will remember the fact that he set a record when voting time comes around, so that will probably help quite a bit.

6.) Luis Rodriguez is hitting .194 and yet is playing virtually every day right now at 3B. That's not an acceptable situation. Heck, bring Glenn Williams back up and give him a shot while Bartlett is hurt.



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