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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #28

Alright, here's a full set of notes on tonight's game. Two DOTF reports are due to come tomorrow -- I'm half done with the High A report, and will also get the Low A report up tomorrow as I get caught back up following my Election Law final. For now, though, here are tonight's notes:

1.) Ramon was bound to have a truly bad outing one of these starts -- hey, it happens to everyone -- and today was that day. The homer he gave up to Baldelli was, well, it was a bomb. He just didn't have it today, and the result was 7 hits and 5 runs (4 earned) in 4 innings of work. Encouraging fact: he didn't walk anybody, and still has a 3.23 ERA with a 3-2 record. There's no reason to panic, although this does show how important it is for Ortiz to avoid the big inning. I realize that's a truism -- but the key to his success this year really has been getting out of those kinds of situations. If he starts to unravel in an inning, he just seems to keep getting worse and having more problems. So -- stay out of the big inning!

2.) Great performance from Glen Perkins today, who went 3 innings and gave up just 2 hits. He looked much sharper than he has in some of his recent outings. And, for those of you wondering why Perkins is still with the team as a 12th pitcher, today provided the reason. He's there to be the long guy, not the traditional "second lefty" that Mike Venafro would be. Basically, he's auditioning for a job in the rotation -- and I still believe he'll get the first chance if and when one of the regular starters falters.

3.) Nick Punto went 4-for-4 to get his batting average up to .250 -- I'm going to resist the temptation to say I told you so to the doubters, because he hasn't really proven anything yet, but I really believe he'll be fine this year, and that he isn't going to lose his job. You can't call this an anomaly though, can you? He's been hitting pretty well in general since his return to the lineup, and his aggressive style is usually a positive force for the team.

4.) Joe Mauer is NOT Superman, so it's impossible for him to deliver every time. But man, I felt a surge of irrational disappointment when he failed to get a hit to tie the game in the top of the 8th inning today. It's not fair to Joe, but it was there. Things just seemed to be setting themselves up for a perfect ending.

5.) Josh Rabe has pinch run in the 8th inning for Jeff Cirillo in each of the last two games. He looks like your typical big man, but once upon a time he actually ran a bit, getting 26 steals for Rochester back in 2004. I haven't really paid any attention to his speed, but he must be reasonably quick -- and of course, you'd rather have a guy with a good knee as opposed to a guy with a newly rebuilt knee running around with a chance to score, so I understand the move.

6.) The Twins didn't do themselves any favors by losing 2-of-3 to the Devil Rays to start the month. The rest of the schedule is filled with AL Central opponents and teams like the Red Sox and Brewers. Yipes! then again, if the Twins regain their composure and have even a .500 month, it will be a big recovery, and give the Twins momentum moving forward. Let's hope it happens.

7.) Silva v. Wakefield. Not sure what to make of that matchup. It is a little disappointing that the Twins won't face Daisuke Matsuzaka in this series, just for the novelty factor. Last year, by the way, it was a series against the Red Sox that got the Twins back on track. Let's hope for a little of the same action this time around.



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