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Monday, April 30, 2007

Site Update

Hey all -- it's 9:30 and the Down on the Farm report isn't up, and is unlikely to be tonight. I've recovered from my little illness, I made it through my first final, and all is generally well -- I've just discovered that time is an issue. So, here's the new plan: I'm pushing each of the Down on the Farm Reports back a day this week, so the AAA version should be up tomorrow, the AA report on Wednesday, and so on. Next week, everything should be back to the regular schedule. It's possible that time will continue to run away on me, and if that happens there could be a few disruptions while I work through finals. As much as I love the Twins, school comes first.

Incidentally, I'm also planning on taking a vacation when finals are finished, so there's a good chance that the blog will be in "Vacation Mode" from about May 11-May 20 or somewhere in there. More details on that as it gets closer.

Until then, thanks for stopping by, and hopefully I'll have some new content for you tomorrow!



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