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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #21

The losses are starting to get a little old, especially that they're coming against the weakest of the AL Central teams, and the Twins just don't seem to be generating any offense to speak of. Here are tonight's abbreviated notes:

1.) Ponson -- eh -- couldn't really ask for much more. I've been letting other starters get away with 6 innings and 4 runs, so fairness dictates that I not be too harsh on Ponson for this performance. Again, the Twins offense needs to pick it up. This was by no means a great outing for Ponson, but it also wasn't that bad, and it's very likely he pitched himself into another start.

2.) Torii Hunter is still ridiculous -- 23 hits this season, including 13 doubles, 4 homers, and 4 singles. What on earth is in the water at his house?

3.) Too bad to hear about Rondell White's injury setback. It looks like Jeff Cirillo is going to make it back to the lineup before Rondell, which considering the fact that Cirillo needed surgery is kind of amazing. Cirillo's bat will be quite welcome in the DH spot -- a position that the Twins seem determined not to use White in. And Luis Castillo -- well, who knows when he'll be back. Frankly, watching Alexi Casilla play isn't such a bad thing.

That's it for tonight folks -- time to correct some papers. Hopefully there will be some better news tomorrow after the finale with the Royals -- like, ya know, a win.



  • At Thu Apr 26, 07:33:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    We knew it would be a tough couple weeks going up against Cy Fossum, Nolan Seo, Catfish De La Rosa, Satchel Carmona and Vida Perez.

  • At Thu Apr 26, 08:15:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    Very, very funny -- and it perfectly captures what is happening with the Twins offense right now!


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