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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Couple of New Links

One of the reasons that I check my site stats (other than sheer vanity, of course) is to try to see when people are kind enough to link to me. It's usually fairly obvious when it happens -- for example, Seth linked to me tonight (thanks, Seth!), and undoubtedly a flood of visitors will make their way to my site because of that link, which will show up very clearly in the site stats. It's nice to know when that happens to I can say thank you in some way.

It happened most recently on Tuesday, when I checked out my site stats to see that about 3 of every 4 visitors that morning had been referred by Twins Geek. When I checked out the site, I found that there were some nice comments about this site -- and ya know what? That's more than enough to earn a link. So, welcome to the roll Twins Geek!

Also, I was just e-mailed today by a the proprietor of what I believe to be a "newish" site called Fort Myers Miracle Ramblings, which looks to do a pretty nice job of summarizing Miracle games and covering the team generally. This site, too, can now be found on the right side of the page.

So, that's pretty much the way it's done here -- say something nice about me (or something cruel but clever), or ask nicely, and I'll add a link. Thanks again to anyone who has found the site interesting enough to link to; hopefully, I can keep putting out content that is worthy of generating links!

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