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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Down on the Farm: Low A Report

Beloit Snappers (4-5)
6th Place -- Midwest League Western Division

Snappers Season Stats

Starting Pitchers

1.) Jeff Manship - 2 starts [1 start]
2.) Adam Hawes - 2 starts [2 starts]
3.) Alex Burnett - 2 starts [1 start]
4.) Jose Lugo - 2 starts [1 start]
5.) Cole Devries - 1 start, 2 RA [1 start, 1 RA]

Who's Hot: Jeff Manship had a brilliant second start for the Snappers last Saturday, going 5.2 innings and giving up just 1 unearned run on 5 hits while striking out 10. On the season, he has a 0.79 ERA, an identical 0.79 WHIP, and a remarkable 16-0 K-BB ratio. The Snappers were also finally able to work Cole Devries into the rotation, and he went 4.1 innings in his first start, allowing 2 runs (1 earned) on 3 hits and a walk while striking out 3. That followed a relief appearance earlier in the week where he went 2 innings, allowing just an unearned run on a hit and a walk while picking up 2 K's. On the season, his ERA is sitting at a tidy 1.23, and he sports a very nice 0.95 WHIP to go along with it.

Who's Not: Jose Lugo gave up 4 runs on 6 hits and 2 walks in just 3 innings of work in his only start of the week. Largely as a result, he's now sporting a season ERA of 6.14, with a bloated 1.91 WHIP to go along with it. In 2 starts this season he's made it through just 7.1 innings of work. Alex Burnett also struggled this week, giving up 3 runs on 6 hits and a walk in 4 innings of work. His season ERA rests at 5.63 through 8 innings, but he does have a nice 9-3 K-BB ratio.

Relief Pitchers
1.) Adam Revelette - 5 RA [3 RA]
2.) Armando Gabino - 3 RA [2 RA]
3.) Dan Leatherman - 3 RA [2 RA]
4.) Sean Land - 3 RA [2 RA]
5.) Danny Vais - 3 RA [2 RA]
6.) Danny Hernandez - 3 RA [2 RA]
7.) Robert Delaney - 3 RA [2 RA]

Who's Hot: Dan Leatherman had an unusual week, allowing 3 unearned runs in 3 innings of work. Nonetheless, his season ERA remains at 0.00, so I'm leaving him in the "hot" category. Of course, I probably should have put him below -- his WHIP is 1.75, and he has a horrid 2-4 K-BB ratio. Robert Delaney undoubtedly had the best week amongst the relievers, going 5.2 shutout innings and allowing just 1 hit while striking out 9 batters. On the season, Delaney has a 0.00 ERA, a sick 0.15 WHIP, and an indisputably strong 9-0 K-BB ratio. Sean Land and Danny Hernandez also maintained their 0.00 ERA's over the course of the week, although Hernandez gave up a game winning hit in one of his appearances this week (the 'ole 0.0 inning, 1 hit performance). Finally, Armando Gabino went 5.2 shutout innings this week, allowing just 4 hits and picking up a win. His season ERA rests at 1.23, with a 1.09 WHIP.

Who's Not: Really, not anybody -- there have been some moderately bad performances, but nothing worthy of being stuck in this category.

1.) Greg Yersich - C(6) [C(4)]
2.) Allan de San Miguel - C(4) [C(3)]
DL - Jose Leger

Who's Hot: Sadly, neither.

Who's Not: Greg Yersich went 2-for-13 this week while making 2 errors behind the plate. He's hitting a whopping .150 on the season, with 3 runs scored and 3 RBI's. Allan de San Miguel has been even worse, going 0-for-8 this week, which leaves him 0-for-10 on the season. He has at least drawn a walk, so he does have an On-Base Percentage.

1.) Garrett Olson - 3B(4), 1B(2), SS(2), DH(2) [3B(4), 1B(1), SS(1), DH(1)]
2.) Brian Dinkelman - 2B(9) [2B(6)]
3.) Daniel Valencia - 3B(6), DH(2), 1B(1) [3B(3), DH(2), 1B(1)]
4.) Johnny Woodard - 1B(8) [1B(6)]
5.) Yancarlos Ortiz - SS(7) [SS(5)]
6.) Daniel Berg - DH(4), 1B(1), 3B(1) [DH(3), 1B(1), 3B(1)]
7.) William Luque - SS(4), 3B(1), 2B(1) [SS(3), 3B(1)]
DL - Andrew Thompson
DL - Paul Kelly

Who's Hot: Daniel Valencia went deep twice this week while going 7-for-19 at the plate. On the season, he's hitting .345 with 5 RBI's, 5 runs scored, 3 homers, and 3 stolen bases. If not for his 2 errors, I'd say he's having nearly a perfect start to the season. Garrett Olson, meanwhile, went 7-for-22 at the dish this week without having a single huge game. He's hitting .281 on the season with 3 runs scored and 5 RBI's.

Who's Not: This category has to lead off this week with Daniel Berg, who went 1-for-14 on the week while driving his season batting average down to a paltry .059. Also struggling this week: Johnny Woodard (2-for-14 on the week, .158 on the season); William Luque (2-for-12 on the week, .133 on the season); and Yancarlos Ortiz (3-for-13 on the week, .167 on the season). Somewhat stunningly right now, there are only three players on the entire Snappers team that have a batting average above .179 -- yowsers!

1.) Joe Benson - CF(9) [CF(6)]
2.) Chris Parmelee - RF(5), LF(2), DH(1) [RF(3), LF(2)]
3.) Danny Santiesteban - LF(3), RF(3) [LF(2), RF(2)]
4.) Mark Robinson - LF(4), RF(1) [LF(2), RF(1)]

Who's Hot: Amazingly, no one in this bunch qualifies.

Who's Not: While I could probably sneak each of the four in this category, I'll just mention the two worst offenders for the week. Danny Santiesteban managed to go just 1-for-14 on the week, and is hitting just .143 on the season. He does have 2 stolen bases, which is something I guess. Mark Robinson, meanwhile, went 1-for-12 on the week to drop his season batting average to .158. I will mention Chris Parmelee and Joe Benson to say that, amazingly, they've struck out a combined total of 27 times already this season: Parmelee 14 (in 28 at-bats), Benson 13 (in 35 at-bats). Ouch!

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