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Monday, October 30, 2006

Silva Update

The Strib has an update on the Carlos Silva situation, and Terry Ryan says that the Twins are going to take all the way up until the Wednesday deadline to make a decision on whether to pick up Silva's option. This makes sense - it's not an easy decision. I still believe that the Twins ultimately will choose to pick up the option, if only to keep a pseduo-veteran around.

The interesting question is what will happen if the Twins decide not to exercise the option. Silva does not have enough service time to be eligible for free agency, so the Twins would still control his rights. Silva does have enough service-time to be eligible for arbitration, however. This means the Twins would have to decide whether to keep Silva, and risk having him make more money than they were willing to pay through arbitration, or non-tendering him, making him a free agent.

We'll find out in less than 48 hours what the verdict is. Should be interesting.


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