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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

AFL Update: Week 2

Kevin Slowey - 4 games (0 starts) / 8 inn / 2.25 ERA / 4-1 K-BB
Errol Simonitsch - 3 games (3 starts) / 7.1 inn / 7.36 ERA / 6-4 K-BB
Jay Sawatski - 5 games (0 starts) / 5.1 inn / 10.13 ERA / 3-2 K-BB
Kevin Cameron - 4 games (0 starts) / 5 inn / 5.40 ERA / 8-3 K-BB

It should come as no surprise that Kevin Slowey continues to dominate - something that he's done at pretty much every level that he's pitched at this season. He's being asked to pitch out of relief, but that's essentially arbitrary since even the starters don't get significant innings in the AFL. With so few innings pitched, the ERA's aren't particularly helpful, but it's encouraging that every one of the Twins pitchers have more K's than BB's, which usually means that they're pitching pretty well.

Position Players
Matt Tolbert (SS) - 10 games / .359 BA / 1 HR / 4 RBI
Matt Moses (SS/3B) - 11 games / .273 BA / 1 HR / 8 RBI
David Winfree (3B) - 7 games / .208 BA / 1 HR / 5 RBI

Matt Tolbert is the biggest surprise (to me) amongst the Twins prospects in the AFL. He continues to rake at the plate, and a strong performance like this could land Tolbert a place on the 40-man roster this off-season. He's eligible for the Rule 5 Draft this December, so if the Twins view his .359 average as indicative of his talent level, rather than as a 2 week hot streak, it makes the decision a bit easier. Matt Moses is playing at about the level you would expect (although it would be nice if he could get the batting average in the .285-.290 range), but David Winfree needs to get that BA up a bit. Still, it's encouraging that all three of these guys have homeruns, and all have driven in a few runs.


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