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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bad News

It's sad, but not surprising, that Francisco Liriano is continuing to experience pain in his pitching arm. I say not surprising because how often do injuries that are substantial enough to sideline a pitcher in the midst of a post-season race heal themselves? I've thought for quite awhile that Liriano would need surgery to repair the problem, but it has to be frustrating that no one, including the best specialists, seems to be able to identify the problem.

As much as I hope this isn't true, I think the Twins should fully prepare themselves for a Liriano-less 2007. That probably means over-spending for a moderately talented starter - something that I would normally be very opposed to. Hopefully Liriano's arm heals and makes this question moot - I just can't say I'm very optimistic on that front.


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