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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pierzynski and Garciaparra

Well, I got half of what I wanted. Nomar was the right pick for the National League; as I said before, there is no way the league leader in batting average should be left off the team.

As for A.J., I don't think he stacks up to Liriano. He's having a nice season, but it's not a fantastic season. Liriano is having an amazing season thus far, and so he probably should have won the vote. That said, I'm not going to begrudge A.J. He got on the final vote ballot, and he won.

The biggest problem that I have with this is that it means less playing time for Mauer. All I know is that Mauer had better be the second catcher in the game, rather than used as a pinch-hitter or not used at all. I wouldn't put it past Guillen to treat Pierzynski like his second-stringer now. We shall see.


  • At Fri Jul 07, 05:26:00 PM , Blogger Marty said...

    The only damnation worthy of White Sox fans is losing the Wild Card spot to the Twins.

    If these were more civilised times AJ would have been killed in a duel decades ago.

  • At Fri Jul 07, 05:55:00 PM , Blogger JST said...

    Ah, c'mon. Poor AJ got sucker-punched earlier this year...that's worthy of an All-Star spot, right?


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