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Monday, July 03, 2006

Enemy Intel Report

This is the first in what I intend to be a regular Sunday feature on the teams ahead of the Twins in the standings, and what they'll be up to during the week ahead. I'll always start with a mention of who the Twins will be facing first, so that there is a basis for comparison.

Minnesota Twins
3 games @ Kansas City (Mon-Wed)
Off Day (Thu)
3 games @ Texas (Fri-Sun)

Chicago White Sox
4 games vs. Baltimore (Mon-Thu)
3 games vs. Boston (Fri-Sun)

Detroit Tigers
3 games @ Oakland (Mon-Wed)
Off Day (Thu)
3 games @ Seattle (Fri-Sun)

New York Yankees
4 games @ Cleveland (Mon-Thu)
3 games @ Tampa Bay (Fri-Sun)

Toronto Blue Jays
3 games @ Texas (Mon-Wed)
4 games @ Kansas City (Thu-Sun)

Disappointingly, none of these teams will be beating up on each other in head to head matchups, instead generally having easier schedules. The Twins have a manageable schedule with 3 against the woeful Royals and the fading Rangers, so they should be able to continue their hot play. However, they have had problems on the road all season, with the exception of the 6 games of interleague play in the middle of this recent stretch of success. Hopefully they don't choose now to revert to their form of April and May.

The best news is that the White Sox have to play the Red Sox three times to finish up their first half. Hopefully the Red Sox can do us a favor and sweep the series. Should be a good last week of the first half, and maybe the Twins can gain some more ground.


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