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Friday, June 30, 2006

All-Star Game Thoughts #6 - Third Base

This post is devoted to consideration of Third Base for the upcoming All-Star Game.

American League
1.) Alex Rodriguez - NYY (1,751,939) [.279/16/55]
2.) Mike Lowell - BOS (876,520) [.303/9/40]
3.) Troy Glaus - TOR (630,421) [.247/21/54]
4.) Joe Crede - CHW (599,885) [.297/14/54]
5.) Eric Chavez - OAK (511,264) [.246/14/46]
* Melvin Mora - BAL [.290/9/38]
* Hank Blalock - TEX [.286/11/54]

Not a lot of players to put on this list. Third Base isn't exactly a position with a ton of talent right now, so it's hard to fault the fans for including Troy Glaus and Eric Chavez in the top 5, although Mora and Blalock should probably be on in their place.

While Alex Rodriguez has blown this thing out of the water and will win, I find myself surprised to be saying that he shouldn't. His batting average is below where it should be for a starter, and Joe Crede has been a much better all-around player this year. Crede SHOULD be the AL Starter.

Crede will clearly be joining A-Rod in Pittsburgh, since his manager is filling out the team. In this case, there's nothing wrong with that and he deserves to go. Who would I take as the third choice? Probably Hank Blalock, who hasn't been quite as good as he usually is, but has still been the best of the rest in this group. Who would have thought, though, that Mike Lowell would make an OK choice? Everyone thought he was done, so I guess congratulations to him for proving that he's not washed up.

National League
1.) David Wright - NYM (1,386,584) [.327/18/64]
2.) Scott Rolen - STL (1,041,250) [.344/10/50]
3.) Morgan Ensberg - HOU (687,229) [.241/18/41]
4.) Freddy Sanchez - PIT (597,249) [.363/5/41]
5.) Miguel Cabrera - FLA (561,601) [.343/12/52]
* Chad Tracy - ARI [.276/12/42]
* Chipper Jones - ATL [.288/8/38]
* Garrett Atkins - COL [.311/10/53]

Unfortunately, a couple of deserving players are going to be left home at this position this year thanks to some very solid seasons spread around the National League. David Wright is going to win the starting job, and it's tough to argue that he doesn't belong there thanks to his great production. Even though Rolen, Sanchez, and Cabrera have higher batting averages, I have to agree with the fans here and say that Wright also SHOULD be starting for the National League.

Now is where it gets tough. While Ensberg has no business in the top 5, and either Atkins or Chipper could easily take his place, none of those players would make my final cut. Scott Rolen and Miguel Cabrera have just been too darned good, and I would give them both an invite. Freddy Sanchez deserves an invitation as well, but his team is the worst in baseball, and while his batting average is spectacular, he hasn't driven in as many runs as the other guys, so he's my final cut. Tough luck to Freddy.


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