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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Johan v. Schilling

This is one of those matchups that baseball fans should get absolutely geeked up for. I would say that there are only a couple of these a year, and fans should be thankful when they get the chance to see them. For the record, here are the matchups that I would say are the most interesting for Twins fans to watch:

1.) Santana v. Buehrle
2.) Santana v. Sabathia
3.) Santana v. R. Johnson
4.) Santana v. Schilling
5.) Liriano v. F. Hernandez

Buehrle and Sabathia have to be at the top of the list because of the divisional connection. I put Buehrle ahead of Sabathia because whenever he and Santana face off the game is usually great, but Sabathia is arguably at the top of the list because of his professed hatred for the Twins. It would be great if I could put Radke on the list, but honestly I just can't do it...it's not really "fun" to watch him pitch against anybody at this point in his career. The fifth addition to the list is something that just developed, since through a fluke in the schedule we've seen it twice in Liriano's short career as a starter. Each has won one of the games. I suspect we'll be seeing these two guys face off for many years to come.


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