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Monday, June 12, 2006

Down on the Farm: AAA Report

I'm going to keep these updates short and sweet, for the most part, unless there is something major to discuss. Get game recaps and news during the week on the Red Wings' website.

Roster Moves

1.) Kyle Lohse (to Minnesota Twins)
2.) Kevin Cameron (off Disabled List)
3.) Ruben Sierra (Rehab Assignment with Rochester begins Tues.)

Player of the Week

Kevin West, who recently returned from a major injury, has an 8 game hitting streak. He is one of the top outfield prospects in the Twins system (excluding Kubel, who has I think made the Twins for good).

I actually intend to make these things a little longer from now on. For now, the important things to take from this are that Lohse is back with the Twins (which you should have already been aware of), Ruben Sierra is going to get some rehab time at AAA, which means that he's probably going to be back with the Twins sooner rather than later, and Kevin West is back on track after missing the first two months of the season.

One final note: congratulations to Pete Munro, who threw the first complete game for the Red Wings since they've been affiliated with the Twins, starting in the 2003 season. I imagine complete games are relatively rare at the AAA level, with more of an emphasis on keeping the players' arms healthy.


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