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Friday, June 09, 2006

Dick & Bert

I mentioned in a previous post that I watch the Twins via MLB Extra Innings, or on bad days when that isn't available on MLB.tv. Living in Colorado, I'm thrilled that these options are open to me, since otherwise I would be relegated to tracking the game on cbssportsline.

The problem with these services is that you only get about half of the games as televised by Fox Sports North. The other half of the time, you end up with the opponent's tv feed. It is at times like those that you truly realize how lucky Twins fans have it with Dick & Bert. Yes, part of the appeal is undoubtedly hearing an announcing crew that you're familiar with, but there really is an attraction to listening to a game that they broadcast. I also notice this when one of the two is on vacation, even though the work done by Roy Smalley or Paul Molitor as guest broadcasters is uniformly excellent.

Count yourself lucky, Twins fans. You have an entertaining, knowledgeable announcing crew, two guys who are truly fans. That shows in the broadcasts. Thank you, Dick & Bert, for making Twins games that much better.


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