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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tonight's Game

There are so many things to discuss from tonight's game, and I singled out the most major one in my previous post. But, there are other things than gloating over how bad Kyle Lohse was tonight.

First off, how about Joe Mauer? Two-for-three, with 2 walks? Setting a major league record for reaching base 4 times in consecutive games? It's an absolute crying shame that he doesn't even appear in the top 5 in AL fan voting for the All-Star game. Example #1 for why fans shouldn't be allowed to vote for the starters (something which I'll address in greater deal in a later post).

Then there's the Carlos Silva debacle. He actually buckled down and pitched alright after that disastrous first inning. Is there any question, however, that Silva wouldn't have been let back into the rotation so soon if there was someone, anyone else who was ready to take over? I hate to see a pitcher who was as reliable as Silva was last year struggle so mightily, but he clearly hasn't been reliable. Hopefully he's better in future starts. I was actually wondering before Lohse came in whether he would be able to pitch well enough in today's game to possibly get the start instead of Silva next time around. Guess that's not a concern for the "Chief" anymore.

Great games today from Justin Morneau and Jason Kubel as well. Really, is there any question that this guy is going to stay up when Stewart comes back anymore? Welcome to the starting lineup, Jason Kubel.

Oh yeah...has anyone heard from Rondell White? Hello? echo....echo...echo

And this is just something I need to express in my frustration . . . could the real Torii Hunter please stand up? Is it the guy who hit under .200 in April? Or the guy who was amazing and clutch in May? Or is the recent Hunter who has seen his batting average drop nearly 30 points in 10 days?

One final thought, and this goes out to all of the Twins. Please don't load the bases with nobody out anymore. Too many times this season, this seemingly excellent situation has arisen, usually with Torii Hunter due up. Hunter will then pop out, and whoever is next will hit into a double play. Or, Hunter will hit into the double play. The Twins never seem to score runs when they get into this situation. It's not a problem when there are people out already...just look at Michael Cuddyer's grand slam today. Just a thought...if you are a Twin and come up with runners on first and second base, maybe you should just strike out. Maybe that way the club will have a chance to score.

Anyway, that's just a bit of frustration. I'm actually pretty happy that the Twins managed to go from 8-0 to 9-7. If anyone other than Silva and Lohse had been pitching tonight, maybe they even would have pulled this one out.

Hopefully the Twins can win tomorrow to par the series.


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