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Thursday, September 04, 2008


That's pretty much about all I have to say. Talk about mailing it in on the last day of the long road trip! There was no life in the bats, the pitching was largely dreadful (Slowey wasn't horrid, but man was the bullpen bad), and I'm just glad the road trip is over. Thankfully, the Twins find themselves just a game and a half back, and there's still plenty of time -- but the team I saw playing tonight was in no sense of the word a playoff team. This is not a nightly notes column (a game like this doesn't deserve one), but I do have a few thoughts:

1.) This is why I always question relying on minor league pitchers to come in and be saviors at the big league level. Korecky and Humber both pitched tonight, and really struggled. I'm not saying that's going to continue -- I'm rooting for these guys are hard as anyone -- but it would have been a mistake to call Korecky up in August and then insert him into close games.

2.) Apparently TV folks don't do much research. The Blue Jays announcers said several times that Humber was making his big league debut (they also called him Philip HUM-ber, and I think it's pronounced "UM-ber", but that's not my point). Of course, he wasn't -- a simple trip through any number of baseball reference sites will tell you that. What's interesting about this isn't that they got it wrong -- that happens to everybody. No, instead I was amused by the fact that they then blamed the Twins for the misinformation. Now, that's probably true -- the Twins undoubtedly provide an info sheet to the TV folks to make their lives easier. But was it really necessary to blame the Twins for a screwup? Just make the correction and move on -- I don't know, I thought it was sort of funny.

3.) I hope to have something positive to write about tomorrow -- lord knows there's really nothing tonight. Enjoy your weekend!



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