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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nightly Notes: Game #39

When I jokingly suggested that the Twins would get swept by the Blue Jays after taking 3-of-4 from the Red Sox, I wasn't serious. Sadly, my non-prediction may turn out to be accurate when all is said and done tomorrow. I guess that's part of why I love baseball -- it's just so unpredictable! Anyway, here are a few notes:

1.) When I praised Boof for hanging in there after his last poor first inning, I didn't intend for him to go and duplicate it. Unfortunately, he gave up 4 runs in the first and essentially cost his team this game -- stunningly, Roy Halladay wasn't great tonight, and a good start would have been enough to get it done. I don't think that Bonser is in any immediate danger of being removed from the rotation, but if Kevin Slowey and Glen Perkins were both pitching better than him when Scott Baker eventually returns, it could mean a trip to the bullpen for Boof, at least for a short while. It's frustrating to watch Boof struggle early, though, because he's been so good after that initial inning in his last couple of starts, demonstrating that he has good stuff. He just needs to put it all together for a good game.

2.) Juan Rincon had another good outing and has his ERA at 3.37. This bears watching . . .

3.) I wanted to see Alexi Casilla start. I got my wish and he went 0-for-3 with 2 K's. Ouch.

4.) Jason Kubel must not have liked seeing Craig Monroe play so well -- he's now gone deep and doubled twice in his last 5 at-bats. Hey, if worrying about playing time gets Kubel turned around, I'll be happy -- I certainly am not rooting for the guy to struggle. Best case scenario: both Kubel and Monroe get it going well enough to give Gardy some headaches deciding who to start.

5.) Sadly, the Twins are no longer in first place. It was fun while it lasted -- and hopefully they'll get right back up there in the next few days.

6.) With the Twins and A's falling out of first place, the Rays and Marlins are left holding down the line for "unexpected first place teams." While I like the Rays a lot better than the Marlins, Florida doesn't have to face anything like the Red Sox and Yankees twosome that confronts Tampa Bay. As a result, I'd say Florida is the best bet amongst the surprisingly strong teams to stay in first and make the playoffs.

7.) Minor league stuff hopefully tomorrow -- I spent too much time messing around after I got home from work today to get anything together for a post.



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