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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blog Update

No "Nightly Notes" post tonight -- I'm taking the night off. Hopefully the Twins can come back and steal a win (Jason Kubel just hit a homer, so there's still hope). I'll be back with a Nightly Notes post tomorrow, and possibly also a post covering some minor league players I've been pleased with this season, and some I'm a bit disappointed in. Go Twins!

Oh -- and congrats to the Penguins, who made it 3-0 over the Flyers tonight. After the Stars left Minnesota, I didn't have any loyalty to a hockey team until I went to college in Pittsburgh, when I sort of adopted the Pens. If it came down to the Wild and the Pens, I guess I'd go with the Wild -- but since I don't have to make a decision I'm all about the Pittsburgh for the rest of this season, at least.



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