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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blog Update

I may post some Nightly Notes columns in the next few days, but Down on the Farm reports are scrapped for the rest of the week. That's most unfortunate for the Low A Report, which will be skipped for a second straight week. Unfortunately, it's unavoidable. As for tonight -- Go Twins!



  • At Wed Apr 30, 08:37:00 AM , Anonymous Brock said...

    I have to say that I liked your site a lot more when you just were doing nightly notes and other posts like that. You can get minor league updates from a few other sites like Sethspeaks.not. I found your nightly notes posts very interesting and a good read, however I have almost stopped reading your site since you began doing regular minor league reports.

  • At Wed Apr 30, 08:54:00 AM , Blogger JST said...


    Thanks for the comment -- I'm going to post it on the main page with a query to readers about whether people think it's at all valuable.


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