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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Morning Notes

I'm getting ready to teach a recitation this morning and thought I'd just pop a few quickfire notes down before my students arrive. I did stay up to watch last night's game (it's easier for we Mountain Time Zone folks), but I needed to get to bed right after so I could up early (well, it's early for me). Here goes:

1.) It's early and the sample size is small, but has anyone else noticed that Nick Punto has a .292 batting average in 24 AB's? I don't expect he's going to keep it up there for long, but for all of you who have been wailing mercilessly that he shouldn't be in the lineup, at least wait until he's hitting his weight.

2.) I guess sometimes small sample sizes work -- Craig Monroe had a ridiculously high average in just a handfull of AB's against Joe Blanton, so he got the start. He proceeded to go 3-for-3 against Blanton with the game tying homer. Significant? Maybe. It's really impossible to tell with a sample that small, but there's a reason managers make decisions on such little information -- it feels significant, and most managers make decisions with their gut, for better or worse. Not that I'm complaining about this move!

3.) Supposedly Denard Span and Matt Tolbert will get back in the lineup today. I like to see playing time spread around a bit, so I can't say I'm upset by that development.

4.) Livan's WHIP is starting to creep up -- it's at 1.27 through 5 starts now, but last night he went 6 innings and had allowed 7 hits and 2 walks -- a whip of 1.50. Remember, last year he put up a horrid 1.60 WHIP for the season, so let's hope that Livan doesn't return!

5.) It was nice to see Juan Rincon come in for the 7th and not allow a hit. He walked a batter, but he also struck a couple of guys out, and the Twins need him to produce for them. By the way, his ERA on the year is 4.70, which is better than Pat Neshek's 5.00. It's another stat that I don't expect to stay that way (well, honestly, let's hope both guys ERA's fall into the 2.00-3.00 category soon), but it's an interesting stat considering how reviled Rincon is among some members of the fan base.

Alright, that was short and sweet, but it's time to teach. High A report coming later tonight.



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