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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nightly Notes: Game #25

Hard to muster a lot of enthusiasm after a 10-0 drubbing, but I haven't posted all weekend and felt that I should let you all know I wasn't dead. Here are some thoughts:

1.) This is sort of the Livan I expected when he was signed. I was pleased as punch with his first few starts of the year, but have tried to point out that he was pitching way above his head, with a WHIP far below what he's traditionally put up. A pitcher who has always given up a lot of baserunners wasn't going to suddenly start keeping guys off the bases regularly, especially when he's not a big strikeout guy -- and indeed, Livan's last two starts have pretty much abolished his early WHIP success. Today, of course, was beyond bad -- 9 hits and a walk in 2.2 innings of work -- and I don't expect him to be this bad every time out. Unfortunately, I think the bad starts will be a lot more frequent than the good starts.

2.) Brian Bass is around to eat innings, and for the most part he's been doing that. His ERA has been moving steadily upwards, however (it's now at 4.67), and I have to wonder how long the Twins will keep him around if that ERA doesn't stabilize. I completely agreed with the decision to put him on the roster at the start of the season, and don't think he should be taken off just yet -- but I do wonder whether he'll turn things around in time to head off being sent down (and remember, he's out of options, so he could end up off the team entirely if a team thought he was worth claiming).

3.) Say what you want about Carlos Gomez -- when he's not in the lineup, things aren't nearly as interesting.

4.) Congrats to Bobby Korecky for making his big league debut yesterday and for putting together a solid 1.2 innings today. I fully expect him to get sent down on May 10 when the Twins activate Kevin Slowey, but hopefully he can put together some solid innings and convince the Twins that he's worth another callup later if the Twins need somebody in the bullpen again.

5.) I like Brian Buscher, but I fully expect him to be sent down when Adam Everett is ready to come off the DL in the middle of this week. The Twins could send down Korecky to balance out the position players/pitchers ratio, but I doubt it (and I believe I read in one of the Strib blogs that such a move is unlikely). Other than Buscher, there's not a logical move to be made (unless you're of the opinion that the Twins should just not activate Everett -- EVER -- and I'm not there yet).

6.) NFL DRAFT -- I usually hate trading draft picks, but I think the Vikings did a pretty good job managing their picks this year, even though they gave up a lot to get Jared Allen from the Chiefs. After watching the Vikings move the last two days, I'm pretty satisfied, and am especially happy that they picked up John David Booty to push Tarvaris a little bit. It's impossible to know for a few years how well a team drafted, but I like what I see so far.

7.) I never got around to posting a Low A report this week. My plan is to get one up on Thursday that covers the previous two week period, but this is the last 7-10 day stretch of the semester and I have a lot of work to get done. As a result, things may be a bit spotty over that stretch. Thanks for your patience!



  • At Sun Apr 27, 05:17:00 PM , Anonymous SethSpeaks said...

    If Brian Bass has an ERA in the mid-fours and is pitching in these types of games, there is no reason to worry about him. He'll stick for that.

  • At Sun Apr 27, 05:28:00 PM , Blogger JST said...

    Seth -- I generally agree with you, which is why I said he needs to stabilize his ERA, not necessarily lower it. The problem is that it seems to have been creeping upwards of late, and if it continues to do so and ends up in the 5.00 range the Twins may decide to make a move. Mid-4.00's for a guy doing mop up duty isn't too much of a concern, but the higher you get the more of a concern it is.

  • At Sun Apr 27, 09:32:00 PM , Blogger Jeremy said...

    My two cents:

    If we're going to designate a guy to pitch "meaningless innings", let's get rid of Bass and give Mulvey a shot. Bass doesn't fit in long-term.

    Even though I'm in the "cut Adam Everett camp", I think it would make sense to send down Tolbert when Everett is ready. Tolbert could benefit from playing everyday. I think he fits as a utility guy, and will replace Punto, but Punto's playing well right now. Keep Buscher up to pinch-hit as needed.

    Just my opinions.

  • At Sun Apr 27, 09:58:00 PM , Blogger JST said...

    Jeremy, thanks for the comments. Now I'm going to disagree with you, at least on the Bass/Mulvey discussion.

    I think Mulvey needs to get regular starts. The biggest problem with the role Bass is filling is that it is anything but regular. Sometimes, as in Games 1 and 3 of the series with the Rangers, you need an innings-filler fairly often. Then, inevitably, there will be a stretch where you don't need that guy for a week or more. That's fine for a guy like Bass who hasn't been considered an integral part of the organization and who is frankly lucky to be on a big league roster at all. For a young guy like Mulvey, however, who has a very good chance to make a big league roster someday, it's much more important to get him regular innings as a starter so that he can continue to develop in that role. I see no benefit to calling Mulvey up to fill that role, and a lot of downside to it.

    Regarding your second suggestion, I wouldn't be all that upset if Tolbert were sent down, since (as you mention) he essentially is a second Punto. Buscher does provide some more power off the bench. While I like Tolbert, I could see the benefit of getting him more regular playing time in Rochester (and let's be honest, with Harris playing as well as he has, the team's commitment to Lamb at 3B, and the return of Everett, Tolbert won't be used much in the big leagues).

    So, I agree with half of your suggestions -- although I think when push comes to shove it will be Buscher heading back to Rochester, and not Tolbert. We'll find out midweek.

  • At Sun Apr 27, 10:28:00 PM , Blogger Jeremy said...

    Good point on Bass/Mulvey.

    I don't know what it is about him. He comes in the game and it's like a surrender. Not really his fault, I guess.


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