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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Site Update

Despite not having posted for days, I'm still alive and kicking. Unfortunately, not much blog-wise is getting done. So, here's the updated plan. I'm hoping to get up the Starting Pitchers organizational ranking by tomorrow night, but I also have a lot of work to do and that might not happen. If it doesn't, it will probably be Tuesday at least before it gets up (because I want to get the last Pre-Preseason Predictions post up on Monday). As for the Relief Pitchers post -- we're looking at next weekend. And of course, I'll be up with any important Spring Training related stories that develop next week (since tomorrow is already Pitcher & Catcher reporting date -- great!).

The other thing I'm still waiting for is an explanation of what's going on with the Twins 40-Man Roster. The roster on the Twins website still lists 41 players, including the newly signed Livan Hernandez. Here's the situation as I understand it: as soon as a player is signed, they must be placed on the 40-man roster, with no delay. Since there were 40 players on the roster prior to the Hernandez signing, room would have to be created on the roster somehow. One suggested method (from the comments section of my previous Hernandez post) would be to place Jose Mijares on the 60-Day DL, which would open a spot. However, players cannot be placed on the DL in the off-season. So -- something is going on with a roster spot. Either my count is off (although I still count 41 on the website), or a player has already been removed in some fashion, or the Hernandez signing is somehow not yet official, meaning the Twins haven't had to make a move yet. If anyone has any insight on this, I'd appreciate it. I'll keep monitoring the situation as best as I can to see if any answers pop up.

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