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Sunday, December 02, 2007


There are a variety of things that I want to comment quickly on this morning, so I figured the best way to go about it was in a notes column. Twins related comments are first:

1.) It appears that the Twins did not offer arbitration to Carlos Silva or Rondell White. White is not a surprise -- he most likely is going to retire, and even if he doesn't, there isn't a place for him on the Twins roster. I'm a little more surprised that the Twins didn't offer arbitration to Silva; by all accounts they are interested in bringing him back as a veteran presence in the rotation (whether they should be interested in bringing him back is another question entirely). As a practical matter, though, this doesn't really affect anything; Silva was not a Type A or Type B free agent, so the Twins won't receive draft pick compensation for his departure and so didn't need to protect that by an arbitration offer. Also, the previous rule that a player not offered arbitration couldn't re-sign with his old team until May 1 of the next year is also no longer in effect. As a result, this doesn't really change anything, although I do find it interesting.

2.) Lots of indications that the Santana negotiations are coming to a head in the next couple of days one day or another. I think the Twins are more likely to compromise than the current hard-line stance suggests, because trading Santana now makes too much sense. We shall see. If I had to put numbers on it, I'd guess that there's a 70% chance that Santana gets dealt.

3.) While all of the attention is on Santana and, to a lesser extent Joe Nathan, I would guess that the Twins will make at least one more move during the Winter Meetings to pick up a third baseman. If a Santana deal doesn't happen, I'd also expect them to find a center fielder in a different deal. For either deal to happen, the Twins will probably have to give up another pitching prospect.

4.) College Football -- rather than posting a Top 25 this morning, I thought I'd post the BCS Matchups that I would like to see. I'm not going to pretend to be able to get into the mind of the various Bowl committees that are actually making the decisions on this, but here's what I'd like to see after yesterday's insane finale to the College Football non-Bowl season:

National Championship -- Ohio State v. LSU

Rose Bowl -- USC v. Hawaii

Fiesta Bowl -- Oklahoma v. Arizona State

Sugar Bowl -- Georgia v. Missouri

Orange Bowl -- Virginia Tech v. West Virginia

Kansas probably has a shot to get in, but I don't particularly want to see an Oklahoma/Kansas Fiesta Bowl. Georgia/Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl is not nearly as interesting to me as the new possibility of USC/Hawaii, which I think would be a very interesting matchup. Illinois could possibly make it in as well, probably in the Rose Bowl if the Rose isn't interested in Hawaii. Many possibilities, and I'm not really sure how things will turn out. We'll find out later tonight.



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