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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Roster Additions Announced

The Twins today added RHP Bobby Korecky, IF Matt Tolbert, and IF Matt Macri to their 40-man roster, leaving them with 39 players and 1 empty space (waiting for Tony Clark, perhaps?). I correctly predicted Tolbert, but none of my other 3 predictions came true. Here are my thoughts on the additions:

Matt Tolbert -- Tolbert virtually assured himself a spot on the 40-man roster after putting together a solid 2007 season. He probably would have been taken by somebody in the Rule 5 Draft if he hadn't been added to the roster, because he is more than likely capable of playing as well as a lot of the middle infield types filling rosters throughout the league (*cough* Luis Rodriguez *cough*). Tolbert has doubters -- I heard a lot this year that his great start was an aberration (and he did cool off significantly) -- but I think this move made sense. I look forward to seeing him in spring training.

Bobby Korecky -- I probably should have seen this coming, but I honestly scanned past Korecky's name when I was compiling last night's post and dismissed him. I shouldn't have -- he's more developed and has been more successful than J.P. Martinez, who I had on my list. Korecky has a 3.13 career minor league ERA in 351.1 innings to go along with a 258-102 career K-BB ratio. Korecky will be 28 next season, and there's a very, very good chance that he'll see action with the Twins at some point during the 2008 season. After losing Kevin Cameron to the Padres in last year's draft, the Twins most likely felt (probably correctly) that they were in danger of losing another potentially useful right-handed reliever if they didn't pull the trigger and add him to the roster. Major oversight on my part to not include him on my list.

Matt Macri - Macri was the player acquired from the Rockies for Ramon Ortiz this summer, and the Twins obviously liked what they saw from him in scouting and in the Arizona Fall League. The only surprising thing about his addition is that he and Tolbert were both added to the roster -- although Tolbert is probably more of a second-base type and Macri more of a third-base type. Like Tolbert, Macri is probably developed enough to have been at significant risk of being drafted, so I can't really question the move.

Those Not Added: The only name not added that surprises me a bit is Garrett Guzman, who I think could potentially be taken. Then again, he's not exactly a high-end prospect (even if he is one of the Twins top OF prospects), so the Twins are probably gambling on nobody wanting to draft him. I think it's quite unlikely that the Twins would lose any of their more well-known eligible corner infielders -- Matt Moses, David Winfree, and Brock Peterson -- due to a combination of performance and development level issues (both, in some cases). If anyone is taken, I suspect it will be a pitcher or two -- someone like Jay Sawatski, who as a lefty might be considered valuable, for instance. We'll find out in a couple of weeks.

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