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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #77

Things looked bad early, but the Twins escaped this series against the Blue Jays with a series split, which is really all you can ask for in a 4 game series. Here are tonight's notes:

1.) It looked like tonight was going to be one Carlos Silva's patented bombs, which he throws out every 4th or 5th start. He gave up 4 runs in the first, including a bomb by Frank Thomas (in case you somehow hadn't heard, that was Thomas' 500th career blast). After that, however, Silva settled down nicely -- he gave up a 5th run in the 3rd inning, but ended up going 7 innings. For the last 4 of those innings, Silva looked really good (from what I hear -- sadly, I couldn't watch today). What's unusual about this is that Silva, to my recollection, doesn't usually recover mid-game -- but he buckled down nicely tonight to get his 6th win.

2.) Juan Rincon and Joe Nathan contributed for 2 innings of perfect relief. Not much else to say here, other than having a good bullpen is nice -- and if Juan Rincon can slot himself back in as a part of that "solid" core group of players, then the Twins bullpen will be that much better off. I think he still can be an effective pitcher, so we'll see.

3.) Bad things first: Luis Rodriguez (.169 now) has GOT to be sent down (I'm posting on the Matt Garza call-up in a separate post, but let me just say here that Matt Tolbert should have been joining him). Nick Punto -- .215 (ouch). I really believed that Punto would turn it around and start hitting again -- doesn't look like that's going to happen.

4.) Now, for the good. Jason Tyner has not been nearly the player this year that he was last year -- but today he went 3-for-4, scored 2 runs and drove one in. That means he's now hitting .291 on the season -- and it's hard to criticize that.

5.) Nice to see Justin Morneau back in the lineup -- not so nice to see him and Joe Mauer go a combined 0-for-7 (with Morneau leaving 3 on base, and Mauer leaving FOUR on base).

6.) Torii Hunter is the man -- more fodder for the argument that he needs to be re-signed.

7.) Jason Bartlett hitting second looks like it might just work. Unlike some of you out there, I actually prefer to have Mauer hitting third. With Castillo leading off, and another speedy guy like Bartlett behind him (if he keeps hitting -- 2-for-3 today), I think the Twins lineup balances fairly effectively.

8.) Jacque Jones would have been a good pickup if the Twins could have gotten the deal that the Marlins almost had, with the Cubs agreeing to pick up nearly all of Jones salary over the next two years. He's not the player he was when he originally left the Twins, but he'd fill a need and he doesn't have nearly the character problems that Milton Bradley has. I think the Twins should still look into the possibility of getting him, but by no means should they overpay.



  • At Fri Jun 29, 12:41:00 AM , Blogger Marty said...

    Will someone please explain to me how Jacque Jones would be a good pick up for the Twins?

  • At Fri Jun 29, 07:33:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    Notice the "if" that I put in the statement. If someone else is going to pay the bulk of his salary, leaving the Twins on the hook for $1 million (or LESS) over 2 full seasons, then he's clearly a good pickup -- he's unquestionably a more valuable player than Lew Ford, for instance, and with the Twins outfield depth an issue at the AAA level on up, picking up Jones for essentially $500,000 a year for a year and half would have improved the ballclub. The minute you have to pay more than that, however, his value drops precipitously. I wouldn't look at him as a major pickup, by any means -- but he's better than Ford, so there would be an improvement.

  • At Fri Jun 29, 11:34:00 AM , Blogger Marty said...



    Lew Ford has an OPS of .648, Jones is at .621 for this year. Ford has a batting average of .247 jones is at .233. OBP for Ford is .310 while Jones is at .294. In the sabermetric category of Runs Created per 27 outs (RC27) Ford scores a 3.47 while Jones is terrible at 2.95 runs created per 27 outs.

    On defense Ford has a range factor of 1.57 in LF this season while Jones has a RF of 1.00. (The higher the number the better).

    Sad as it is, Jones is a worse player this year than Lew Ford.

    Jones is a perfect case of someone who was a good player but whose skills diminished after age thirty. At 32, his production is expected to be about half of what it was in his prime. That's almost exactly where he's at.

  • At Fri Jun 29, 11:43:00 AM , Blogger JST said...

    Alright, you got me -- I didn't look at the numbers before I spoke. Bad idea, that. Umm -- at least he'd be cheap and bad at the same time . . .

    Ok, fine, you win. This is as bad as your Matt LeCroy comment, but at least you caught your error yourself. I'm officially hanging my head in shame . . .


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