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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Late News on a Signing

This year is the first year where teams must sign drafted players by August 15, or lose that player back to the draft. That means the end of the "draft and follow" process, in which teams would draft players and wait until after the next spring, when the Junior College season was over, to make a final decision on whether to sign the player.

The Twins final draft-and-follow signing was made on in late May of this year, and the lucky trivia-answer-to-be is lefty Ian Mopas, a 30th round selection from a year ago. Mopas was actually drafted in 2005 by the Twins as well, in the 26th round. Mopas graduated from high school in Hawaii, and I found one short article on his signing here. That's the only minor league transaction of significance to report on from the last couple of weeks.

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