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Monday, June 04, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #56

Sadly, I need to get to bid -- but with a 13-1 deficit, I feel comfortable posting some thoughts on tonight's game before things go all official. Here are tonight's (probably shortened) notes:

1.) It sure looked like Boof was going to battle Jered Weaver down to the wire in tonight's game. It sure looked that way, at least, until the 6th inning, when things just completely fell apart. I admit to not watching this game particularly closely, but from what I did see, it looked to me like Bonser got a bit tired, started to get the ball up, and gave up a couple of dingers. There may be another explanation -- and I encourage people to tell me if I have this completely wrong -- but that's what I believe happened. Losses happen, and homers happen, so I'm not going to be too down on Bonser. I'll take the positives tonight where I can find them, and tonight it was Bonser's performance in innings 2-5 (although only 1 K for Boof tonight, which is uncharacteristic).

2.) Jason Miller -- ouch.

3.) Luis Rodriguez starting at 3B -- ouch.

4.) Tonight was the game that the Twins needed to win in this series, because things get harder from here. It's now 16-1, no one can pitch, and I'm seriously wondering what effect this will have on the team. Taking one game on the road against a division leading team is perfectly acceptable, and the Twins can do that -- but getting dumped on 16-1 in the opener (and it could be worse soon) is problematic at best. If the Twins get swept, it could have a serious impact on their season by completely stalling the momentum they had been building up over the past 2 weeks.

5.) This is unrelated to the Twins, but I feel the need to mention it. I was actually excited today when I saw that the White Sox beat the Yankees. While this joy was brought about by the fact that the Yankees lost, (the schadenfreude level in my apartment is at an all-time high) it means that indirectly I was rooting for the White Sox. And that is a horrible, horrible, horrible thing to have to confess to all of you. But I'm not apologizing for it . . .

6.) C'mon Scott Baker -- time to show the team that you're more like the guy who started in Milwaukee than the guy who faced the White Sox last week.

7.) Mauer by Friday looks likely -- and this team needs him, even though Mike Redmond has been very good as a replacement.



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