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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #54

You can't win 'em all, so tonight's loss doesn't upset me too much -- especially considering that Johan Santana will be on the bump tomorrow. Here are tonight's (very abbreviated) notes:

1.) Great, great start for Carlos Silva -- the new hard luck Twins pitcher. He must have inherited that mantle from Brad Radke, and I'm sure he'd like to get rid of it. A guy with a 3.86 ERA should not be 3-6, and it's too bad that he lost tonight. An 8 inning complete game with just 5 hits and 1 walk (and 1 measly run) allowed just is not a losing line. At least he continues to put up solid numbers, validating Terry Ryan's decision to pick up his option last winter.

2.) Luis Castillo had two of the Twins 3 hits, and is now hitting .337. Is it possible we'll be saying "Luis Castillo, All-Star" come July?

3.) Joe Mauer seems to be getting closer to coming back, but it also sounds like he's going to be heading to Extended Spring Training to get a little bit of work in before he makes his comeback official. That's fine with me -- I want to be absolutely certain he's healthy before he's activated.

4.) Chris Heintz will probably catch tomorrow, and I would guess we'll see at least one other backup (probably Jason Tyner) in the game as well. Could it also mark a start for Luis Rodriguez (a.k.a. the Lost Twin)? Only time will tell.

5.) I don't have much else to say about tonight's game. I was distracted by a phone call, grocery shopping, and Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals, so I didn't actually get to watch in detail. Hopefully I'll have more to give ya after tomorrow's game.



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