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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nightly Notes: Game #49

A third straight series win as the Twins head into an important series against Chicago -- one in which the Twins will hopefully be able to continue their current strong play. A series win, remember, would at least get the Twins back to .500. Here are today's notes:

1.) Carlos Silva hasn't by any means had a great year, but he also hasn't been all that bad, and today he demonstrated what he's still capable of by going 7.1 innings and allowing just 2 runs (one on a somewhat annoying 8th inning homerun) on 6 hits. This was a much-needed performance for the Twins, who have already had to replace Sidney Ponson in the rotation, and are likely on the verge of replacing Ramon Ortiz as well. I don't know if Silva will self-destruct later in the season, but for now the Twins are able to avoid compounding the starter problem. Way to go, Carlos!

2.) If not for the heroics for our Mighty Canadian MVP, Carlos wouldn't have hada win to celebrate tonight. Morneau's batting average keeps ticking closer to .300 (it's at .291 now), and he has 15 homers. That, by the way, puts Morneau on pace to hit 49.59 homers this year -- or 50 if you round up to the nearest whole number. Heck, I'd settle (haha) for 40!

3.) Jason Kubel: 0-f0r-3, average down to .237. Jeff Cirillo: 0-for-3, average down to .208. Good lord.

4.) Let me just point out that Nick Punto was the only Twin other than Justin Morneau to get a hit in today's ballgame. I really have no idea what, if anything, that means.

That's it for today's game. I'm hoping that later tonight I can actually catch up on the DOTF posts by finally getting a Low A Report up. Hope you all are having a great Memorial Day weekend!



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